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From the BBC comes this story of a really freak accident that killed a British university professor:

"Investigations are under way after a reversing car crashed through a sea wall and fell on to a sunbather on an Isle of Wight beach.

Academic Harvey Flower, 58, from Beckenham, Kent, died when the car fell on to him as he was reading on the beach at Shanklin.

The Rover car was on the town's Esplanade when it struck a Vauxhall Astra parked nearby at just before 1800 BST on Thursday.

It then crashed into a beach hut, before going over the sea wall and falling six feet on to the beach below."
Weird, no? Well, according to the article, the deceased was a Professor of Material Science, and if we dig a little deeper into the article, we find this:
[in a statement released on behalf of his family] "'In his field, he was a respected world expert on Titanium and his knowledge of the subject was sought by academics and scientists around the world.'"

Who stands to gain from the death of a world expert on a light, strong metal? People who make their living with other light, strong metals, that's who! Be vigilant; the Aluminati may be making their move!

Update: Here's how you can protect yourself (hat tip: chessandlena.com).

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