Hot Time, Summer In The City...

| No Comments reports that things may heat up in Iraq soon, for the same reason riots used to happen in the US--hot people without air conditioning get cranky. I say 'used to' because the ideal breeding ground for riots -- a large-scale blackout on a hot summer day -- just happened, but there weren't any riots except in Ottawa (!) -- not even in Detroit!

Anyway, back to Iraq, where a critical stage is fast approaching:

"It's riot season. This used to happen under the old regime this time of year as well, but a) it wasn't reported, and b) it was smaller because they used to shoot people. But the lack of electricity and other utilities that is the underlying problem was the same. It's over 135 degrees outdoors, there's no electricity for fridges and air conditioning in many areas, so people are pissed off. And it's very humid when the wind blows from the south. Every revolt in Iraqi history, including Ba'ath one, takes place at this time of year."
We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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