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From this week's local 'free ad' paper, the Peddlers' Post, we see a couple of examples of people who should not be allowed unsupervised access to a fax machine. First:

"Brand new, Elliptical Cross Trainer, must go, fully assembled, $300 firm . . .."
If the item "must go," why is the price "firm?" Seems like you really only want one or the other. Next:
"Typing tape for Atari 400, 800, & 1200 computers $20."
For starters, this tape probably didn't retail for $20 when it originally came out... in 1987 or so. What makes this ad even more mind-boggling is that it has run in every issue I have read for the past seven years! How many cluetrains blew through this guy's station in that time?

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