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According to this story from Fox Sports Australia, a professional soccer team is activing wooing gay fans:

CARLTON has launched a bid to lure more gay supporters.

The Blues want to recruit gay men, lesbians, transgenders and bisexuals in a new membership drive.

Art dealer Lauraine Diggins, the only woman on the new-look Blues board, is driving the push as part of a "new and expansive vision for the club".

It is front-page news in this week's edition of gay newspaper, the Melbourne Star. The newspaper reports the club will contact many of the state's "queer" community groups in its search for new members.

Diggins revealed one aspect of the plan was to attract a lesbian with a professional career and a passion for the Blues to join a new women's networking group.

We have no information on whether the Blues will rename themselves the Pinks.

This News Interactive story describes a Melbourne couple being the first in Australia to be charged with sexual slavery:

The charges are the first of their kind laid under 1995 sexual servitude laws and carry a maximum of 25 years in jail.

The arrests came after raids by Australian Federal Police in Melbourne and Sydney as part of Operation Tennessee, a joint operation with the Immigration Department.

Federal police allege the women, aged 25 to 36, came to Australia legally after being lured to work in the sex industry.

But instead they were forced into slavery under the guise of paying off debts, it is alleged.

The women were allegedly kept locked up in "safe houses" when they were not working.

Police claim they were only allowed out to work at Club 417, a legal brothel run by Ms Tang and Mr Davies in Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

So, was sex slavery legal in Australia before 1995? And I think it's pretty odd that they called it Operation Tennessee. 'Regular' brothels (whatever that means) are legal, so why didn't they call it Operation Nevada?

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