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Have you ever missed a flight because you got on the wrong shuttle bus (I haven't, although I came close once)? Well, this poor Japanese guy accidentally got on a party bus instead of the airport bus and missed his flight from Edinburgh to London! Actually, it could have been much worse: I mean, it was a party bus, and he could have gotten on this bus.

    Best quotes from the article:
  • "I have very much difficulty understanding how people speak in Edinburgh. I like the Scottish people very much, but their voices - it is difficult and strange to my ears." (Roger that, Kajiyama-san - my experience talking to Scotsmen is much the same)

  • He made the best of the situation . . . "I missed my aeroplane. At first I was very angry. I felt stupid. But I was enjoying the bus - I have never been on such a thing before. So I stayed for the whole night because it was funny. And the girls were very pretty too."

  • . . . but, alas, couldn't get no nookie. "I was not lucky with them, I am sad to say. But I did do lots of dancing to the music - great. They should have karaoke too on the bus, then it would be perfect."

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