Using the Law Of Unintended Consequences to our advantage

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This Washington Times article describes the uproar over House Minority Leader (and left-wing nut job) Rep. Nancy Pelosi's request to have an ID card issued by the Mexican government (the Matricula Consular card) accepted as valid ID for admission to the Phillip Burton Federal Building in San Francisco. The argument against this is that only illegal aliens would need to use an MC card to get into the building; legal aliens would be able to get some form of state ID. Pelosi's reasoning is that even illegal aliens would want to have access to the IRS office so they can get taxpayer ID numbers so they can be good citizens. Oops, I mean 'good illegal aliens.' Correct me if I'm wrong (the most unnecessary phrase ever to appear on the Internet), but isn't rule #1 of being an illegal alien "Don't alert the government to your presence?"

My take? Fine. Let 'em in using their Mexican ID. I'm sure there's an INS office in the Federal Building, and a phone call only takes a few seconds...

The other smack-worthy quote in the article comes from Pelosi spokeswoman Cindy Jimenez: "The intent of the effort is to allow these individuals to . . . be able to talk to their representative." News flash, lady: 'These individuals' aren't American citizens! 'Their representatives' are in MEXICO!

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