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They Have Laws Against This?

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Sure, it's sleazy, but since when is fixing an Olympic event a crime? Sure, it's stupid, but since when is wearing an obscene t-shirt to your court date a crime? Sure, it's, well I don't know what it is exactly but I'm real real jealous, but since when is getting busy with your spouse in your own bed a crime? (Actually, the chowderhead with the t-shirt was jailed for contempt of court, which isn't the same thing.)

w3 0wn ur f0n3

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eweek.com reports that security researchers (read: hackers) at @stake have discovered many serious security flaws in one of the most popular brands of voice-over-IP phones, Pingtel's xpressa SIP PX-1. Among the flaws: shipping the phones without an administrative password (then allowing the password to be set remotely!), transmitting login information in cleartext, and lack of support for HTTPS. Once you 0wn the phone, you can do things like drop calls, change speed-dial settings, divert calls to another SIP phone, and DOS the phone in a dozen different ways. But the fun has just begun--you're now the prowd 0wn3r of a "POSIX compliant network device with storage space, bandwidth and a CPU." Another minion to do your blackhat bidding!

I submitted this (edited for brevity) to Slashdot; they didn't think it was good enough. Fortunately, we at the Reserved Space aren't constrained by things like standards.

Vacation Is Good

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We just got back from a week on the beach in North Carolina (here, for those of you scoring at home (satellite photo here)), and I was able to avoid any major sunburn. It's amazing what you can do with a 55-gallon drum of sunblock and a three-inch brush.

One of my favorite b-may (guest) rants is about proper respect for fire. 26 people in Lima, Peru are dead because these Einsteins didn't listen.


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