Hypocrites On Parade, Part II

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I was listening to the Bob & Tom Show on the way into work this morning, and they were interviewing Vecepia. One of the things I've always wondered is why they voted out Hunter, Mara-morons' strongest member, so early. Evidently, he'd led the charge to vote Peter out first, based on Hunter's perception of Peter as a threat (and all this time I thought it was because Peter creeped everybody out). Vecepia then said, and I quote, "God don't like ugly," meaning (I guess) 'what goes around comes around,' so the tribe turned on Hunter and ran him at the next available opportunity.

God likes ugly just fine, V. If He didn't, you wouldn't have won.

One last thing, you good Christian woman, you--are you planning on tithing with that million?

One other last thing--my "Top Slogans That Insult A Rival University" is today's List Of The Day at Keepers.

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