Commander Riker, staff the department with '133t h4X0rz'

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One of the reasons my blogging dropped off (and when I say 'dropped off', I mean 'dropped to zero') a couple of months back is that I was too busy with class work (note that this is not to be confused with the blog gap last summer, which was due to my being in the Blogger Relocation Program). One of my assignments for that class was this:

You have just been hired as the head of a company's software development group. Your predecessor was fired because too many of the group's projects were behind schedule, over budget, or both. On your first day at this job, you realize that the group was not using any kind of formal development process. Write a 3-4 page paper comparing and contrasting these development methodologies: Synchronize and Stabilize, Extreme Programming, and the Rational Unified Process. Select the methodology that you would use, and explain your choice.

I decided to write mine... differently. Here's the result.

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