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Storming The Basilica

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There's a story in yesterday's New York Times [free registration required, although I think using 'slashdot2000' for user name and password will work] that talks about the explosion in the number of sexual abuse lawsuits against the Catholic church. Seems it used to be that only 'marginal' lawyers and law firms (and by 'marginal' I think they mean 'marginally profitable') would take these cases. Now that the depth of the abuse is starting to come out, the attention of Larger Firms has been attracted (and by 'Larger' I mean 'larger profitability'). This concerns the attorney who is the primary figure in this story, one Jeffrey Anderson. Mr. Anderson has been on a Crusade (capital 'C' added) ever since he found out that his daughter "had been molested as a girl by a therapist who had formerly been a Catholic priest." I want to make it clear here that I feel for them, as nobody should ever have to go through what Anderson's daughter did, and if it turns out that the Catholic church is found to be institutionally responsible for covering things up they should be institutionally punished. But I'm wondering why Anderson has gone after the Catholic church--to the extent that he has sued the Church under racketeering laws--rather than the American Psychiatric Association. What responsibility did the Church have for the behavior of the therapist who molested Anderson's daughter, since he was no longer a priest?

But back to the smell of money. Apparently the rise in the number of cases worries Anderson:

"'I live in fear that someone will bring a case that should not be brought, like the Bernardin fiasco,' he said, referring to the abuse charges made against the late Cardinal Joseph L. Bernardin of Chicago and then recanted."

Well, that's good to see that he's concerned about destroying the reputation of an innocent man. Hmm, wait a second--let's check that article again and finish the quote:

"I worry about a public relations setback."

And lawyers wonder why a lot of people think a lot of them are scumbags.

A Week Late And Three Votes Short

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(This really should have been LAST Friday's entry. Oh, well.)

I'm a big Survivor Fan, and although there are lots of places where you can discuss it to death, there's a couple of things I'd like to throw out here.

John was a wannabe-Richard. He put together his Gang Of Four and thought he could ride them to the finals, but he forgot two things:

1. Everybody's seen Season 1, so they're on the lookout for overt alliances. Richard kept his secret until it was too late to stop him; John's alliance tipped their hand one vote too early, about which more later.
2. Right up to the end, Richard was seen as a nice guy by most of the others (despite how he was edited to look more like a chubby and occasionally-naked Snidely Whiplash). John never came off as anything but a scheming weasel, although this could also have been an editing trick.

About overplaying his hand: when the Immunity Challenge was revealed to be a knock-out-your-competitors contest like they seem to do once every season (BTW, anybody want to bet that the last IC will be "How long can you stand on one post with your hand on another?"), I thought it was rigged against Sean--the alliance would make damn sure he was the first one gone. As the challenge played out, though, and the alliance outed themselves by never targeting each other until everybody else was gone, the Clue Train finally arrived at Happy Naive-town Station and Sean was able to convice Kathy, Neleh, and Paschal that John's endgame plans didn't include them.

New feature: KeepersWatch

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The monks over at Keepers of Lists have a lovely little site where you can vote on 'Top Ten'-style lists, add your own entries, and create your own lists. I contribute to it from time to time.

But Daddy, it's just a golf trophy! I swear!

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What the hell was this golfer thinking? For that matter, what was the photographer thinking? Actually, I know what the photographer was thinking. Thanks much to badjocks.com for the tip.

Look out below!

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This is not a good time to be a high school track athlete here in northern Indiana. On consecutive days last week, two area high school students suffered almost-inconceivable shot put accidents. At press time, one of the boys was still in critical condition and the other was in stable condition. Last Saturday, right here in Fort Wayne, a girl was hit with a discus, although she wasn't seriously injured.

Consider this: there were only fifteen accidents involving the throwing events (shot put, discus, javelin) in high schools from 1983 to 2000 in the entire country.

Welcome to the new site!

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The blog will be here from now on, and I'll be migrating my other content here from Yahoo!GeoCities over the next several weeks. I'll try to get the most popular pages over here first, but who knows how long it'll take? Just bear that in mind if you click a link and end up nowhere, or back on my GeoCities site.

Out: Cement overshoes. In: Staged plane crashes

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Today is the sixth anniversary of the plane crash that killed former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and thirty-some others, and many suspicious questions remain unanswered. I forget where I originally got this version of the story. I don't think any of it played out like the conspiracy theorists say, but with Clinton you never know...

And speaking of conspiracies, did Web satirist Karl Mueller (pseudonym: Gus) predict September 11 by accident (read paragraph 6, then check the article date)?


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