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I forgot about the best 'new' event of all: in the Downhill Choke event, the gold goes to Caroline "Head Case" Lalive. In the team event, Sweden's men's hockey team.

Metal muscles - one step closer to the Six Million Dollar Man. Oops, two steps - I forgot about the bionic tool.

I've added an Iron Chef page to capture some episode summaries I wrote in the late-2000/early-2001 time frame (if you don't know what Iron Chef is, check out ironchef.com). I'll be adding more summaries as I convert them to HTML.

We Don't Have Nearly Enough Olympic Events...

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    ...so I've decided to add a few of my own, with gold medal winners:
  • Most Unfortunate Name: Irina Slutskaya.

  • Justificational Flip-Flop: French figure skating judge Marie-Reine Le Gougne. Flip. Flop. Flip.

  • Weirdest Rules: Short-track speed skating, where pushing off is legal but changing lanes isn't.

Allez Satire!

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I'm great at starting new projects; finishing them, not so much. I am pleased to announce that I've finally finished something: inspired by a brief bit on ironchef-usa.com, my own (nearly) full-length Iron Chef parody: Battle Long Pig.

I've also updated the Office Lexicon.

Totally Coincidental. Really.

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A friend of mine here at work celebrated his 35th anniversary with the company today. Today is also the day a different department here is laying off 40 people, and rumors were flying that my department would have some layoffs even though the two departments have nothing in common. Imagine the look on poor Max's face when his boss came up to him at lunchtime and said "We need to talk. Can we grab a conference room?". . .

. . . and led him into a room where the secretaries had set up a surprise anniversary party.


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