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Welcome PENTACON XVI gamers!


I will be GM'ing a mutated combined game of Iron Dragon and EuroRails during Sesson 1 on Friday morning. Details are available here.

My friend Mark came up with one of the more tasteless Halloween costumes I've heard of in a while - wear a racing suit with a number '3'... and a steering wheel through his head. Not to be outdone, I immediately suggested dressing up as an airline pilot with a box cutter sticking out of his neck.

There's an angle on the terrorist attacks that I don't think I've heard anywhere: if the terrorists' goal was to get the US to end its support for Israel, what they should have done is kept on doing what they were doing--attack American interests overseas. Eventually, we may have tired of being nickel-and-dimed over something most people see--or at least saw--as irrelevant (I mean, how many people knew who Osama bin Laden or the Taliban were before September 11?), and just rolled over and said 'The hell with it. Israel, you're on your own.' Instead, by taking the fight to our homeland, the terrorists have made exactly the same mistake the Japanese did in 1941. And we all know how that one ended.

...but there you are. I think I've found my new hero.

In a related story, I always wondered how the refrigerator on my folks' motor home could work without electricity. And now I know. howstuffworks.com just totally rocks.


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