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Well, now! I loaded the code, got mentioned on LangaList, and suddenly I've got more traffic today than in the previous month--total! [Full disclosure: I've been out of town or computer-impaired for most of the past two weeks; no new content, thus nothing worth seeing. Of course, it's possible that there's nothing worth seeing even with new content.] I feel like I just opened my front door, saw Gordon Elliott and a half-dozen gourmet chefs, and realized that all I have in my kitchen is three corn flakes, a ChapStick, and half a bag of dog food.

So what have I been doing for the past two weeks? Well, the Army has a test facility at Fort Hood, Texas, called the Central Technical Support Facility, whose job (actually one job of many) is to make sure all the Army's new computer systems play well together. We have a team down there full-time (join them...), but they were short-handed a couple of weeks ago and they needed somebody to help them support another group's test, so I volunteered to go down there from Fort Wayne. I should have taken TWA's loss of my luggage and driving through one bad-ass mofo of a thunderstorm between Austin and Ft. Hood as omens, but I'm pretty much paranormally-impaired. TMALSS, the other group never did get their poop in a group, and I went home two days early having accomplished virtually nothing.

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