When You're Sufficiently Illuminated, Every Headline Is An April Fools Joke

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2001.04.01 When You're Sufficiently Illuminated, Every Headline Is An April Fools Joke

I just watched last Thursday's ER; ah, the wonders of videotape. In the first minute of the show, Dr. Kovac is called in to help subdue a struggling patient whose face is covered with a pillowcase on account of 'severe burns.' Kovac swiftly syringes up 10cc of Haldol and lets the patient have it right in the thigh, whereupon the pillowcase is removed to reveal a stunned Dr. Mallucci, who says the whole thing was supposed to be an April Fools joke. My immediate reaction--and this is surely a sign that I've been reading too much conspiracy stuff--was that it was a double-cross, Kovac was in on it, and Mallucci was the actual target. I think I ought to go take my Haldol now.

Dutch company WaterNet thinks they have the answer to the (impending) problem of bandwidth bottleneck: using the plumbing system to transport data. Red Herring has the
whole story
. It's a superbly done article, if you know what I mean, and I would have bought it (even overlooking the DRIP acronym used to describe the 'research' project) if it hadn't been for the "client-side nozzle." Don't understand? Here's a hint.

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