Let McVeigh Die, But Save The Cows!

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In a particularly egregious case of sticking their noses where they don't belong, PETA sent a letter to Harley Lappin, warden of the U.S. penitentiary in Terre Haute where Timothy McVeigh is scheduled to get The Needle next month, asking that McVeigh's last meal be vegetarian. I'm pretty sure their request was rejected on Constitutional grounds. Failing that, PETA appealed to McVeigh personally to request a vegetarian meal. His response is far more charitable than mine would have been, were I in his shoes: "I'm kind of preoccupied right now, what with my impending death and all, but look at it like this: I offed over 160 people. What makes you think I give a flying fsck about animals?". Then I'd order a panda steak (seasoned with powdered bear's gallbladder) with extra dolphin sauce and a bowl of spotted owl's nest soup. Thanks to pure (watermelon) sugar for the ref.

I have always said that vegetarianism (or whatever the PC term is today; I don't keep up because I don't care) is a religion based on guilt, and that it's the closest thing to animal worship extant in the First World.

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I have to agree what you say about vegeterians, having known a few, and been forced to live with them and dine with them. It seems to me they are the greatest fascists, because they don't accept any compromises. I've been on holidays in 3rd world countries with vegeterians and it was a nightmare. In some village in Turkey or somewhere a villager would kindly offer us lunch -- the vegeterian looks at the food, sees a minute piece of meat inside, and then refuses to touch it. Talk about being rude to your hosts! We all have beliefs I know but you have to bend sometimes to fit in with your fellow man. But vegeterians think they are beyond that, and think they are always right.

To be honest, of the vegeterians I know, a lot of them are unstable and/or assholes. So if abstaining meat is meant to make you pure, why aren't they all saints?

The most rigorous vegeterian I know ended up a criminal hunted by police in 4 countries. But he would accuse you of being a bastard if you eat cake that had eggs in it, or a little onion (onion is a drug), or if you drank a beer.

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