If A Quip Falls On A Stairway, And No One Else Hears It, Is It Wit?

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2001.03.27 If A Quip Falls On A Stairway, And No One Else Hears It, Is It Wit?

There's a French expression, "l'esprit de l'escalier" (literally, "the wit of the staircase"), which describes thinking of exactly the right thing to say when it's no longer relevant. That goes double for today's Featured Site, both because it'll help avoid "l'esprit de l'escalier" and because St. Patrick's Day was a week and a half ago. Without further ado, An tInneal Mallachtaí - The Curse Engine (my favorite). If you'd like a gentler example of Irish, there's the Word Of The Day In Irish page. If you just came off a ten-day St. Paddy's bender and now want to offer a traditional Irish toast, IrishAbroad is the place for you.

Today in history (courtesy of strive.to, whose web site appears to be broken at the moment):
- 1964: Anchorage, Alaska suffered the strongest earthquake ever to hit North America; 117 died.
- 1977: The worst aviation disaster on record (*cough*cough*) occurred on Tenerife in the Canary Islands: a KLM 747 collided with a Pan Am 747 on the runway, killing 577.

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