April 23, 2006

You'd Think Geocachers Would Have A Better Sense Of Direction

If you're not a fan of geocaching, there's nothing in this post to interest you.

OK, cachers, now that the Muggles are gone, I've got to vent a little bit. I'm not real big on the 'take a trinket, leave a trinket' thing, especially given some of the, well, complete crap you find in the average full-size cache (incidentally, if you see a House of Blues guitar pick or anything with an AFATDS logo, chances are I put it there).

I like moving Travel Bugs around. There's just something about the idea of this thing that passes from cacher to cacher that really appeals to me. I especially like helping Travel Bugs fulfill their mission. For instance, Travel Bug Alina is a baby's pacifier that originated in Austria. "She" (they're usually anthropomorphised, right?) is trying to get to Disney World. I knew this when I picked her up last summer because of the onboard tag that said "I'm trying to get to Disney World." I thought, no problem, I can take you as far as Oak Island. Sure, it's off the beaten path to Florida, but somebody who's vacationing there later from, say, Charlotte or Raleigh can take you back home and put you back on track - and six hundred miles closer to Orlando.

Nice theory, and it looked like it was going to work, but it kind of fell apart after that. The last person to place Alina has literally put her in the middle of freakin' nowhere. I can only assume that the tag fell off somewhere along the way, because Alina has been going the wrong way for almost a year now.

Update: Well, never mind, maybe - somebody's picked it up. But I hope this was a typo:

We picked up Alina to move it closer to Disneyland, we hope, Determined2
because that'll put Alina about 3000 miles away from Disney World!


Posted by Chris at April 23, 2006 01:46 PM

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