March 27, 2006

I Knew That Wearing Depends Was A Good Idea

The show last Friday night was superb. My thoughts:

  • Greg Warren was good but not great. He did the 'Flute Man Greg' bit that's de rigueur for him, but I was hoping to hear the bit where he calls his friend Huey (if you're a fan, you know what I'm talking about). Best one-liner: "A lot of American men have fantasies where the woman dresses up in a French maid's outfit. I wonder if a lot of French men have fantasies where the woman dresses up in a Taco Bell uniform."
  • Roy Wood Jr. did a bit that absolutely nailed a radio conversation between a traffic cop and his dispatcher (by which I mean "rapid-fire copspeak with only about every third word intelligible," just like on Cops). Best joke, in the context of Kobe Bryant's $4M diamond apology to his wife: "If I caught my wife in bed with another man and saw four million dollars on the dresser, I'd tap in and let her take a break and have some Gatorade. I ain't gay, but for four million dollars, I could be 'confused' for a night."
  • Donnie Baker didn't emcee; he actually did a set. And yes, he wore a pair of Zubaz. Damn funny as only Donnie Baker can be, but he kept on bobbing his head as he walked around and it got distracting after a while. I think he was trying to strut, but it didn't come off quite right. Best one-liner: "I once rubbed one off in a litter box just to see if it would clump."
  • Mike Armstrong does the best 'Devil-in-my-head' voice I've ever heard. He had two jokes worth repeating (actually, he had more; I just can't remember the others):
    • "I got my mother-in-law a TV and a stereo for Christmas. Boy, was she mad when Rent-A-Center came by the next week to pick them up."
    • "Here's a game you can play: go to a Catholic church for Christmas Eve midnight mass. When the priest comes by sprinkling the holy water on everyone, when it hits you, go [in his Devil voice] "AUUUUUGHH! IT BURNS! IT BURNS!"
    In what is perhaps the acid test for how much I like a comedian, I'll be buying his CD.
  • Frank Caliendo. Damn, what a voice talent. He must have done fifteen different impersonations during his set, and his Jim Rome, W, and John Madden voices were dead on. I don't really have a 'joke of the night' for him, but he did a five-minute pseudo-stream-of-consciousness bit that can best be described as "Robin Williams, in his prime, plus voices, minus cocaine." I laughed to a point well past incontinence and most of the way to anoxia.

Posted by Chris at March 27, 2006 12:19 PM

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