January 17, 2006

A Plot Hole In 24. Go Figure.

It seems to me that if the next stage of your Master Plan involves surreptitiously getting a cardkey from one person to another, that trying to do it in the middle of a 60-person hostage incident that you created might not be the most secure way to do it.

And we now have yet another mid-level boss baddie who ran afoul of Rule #1 To Surviving As A Bad Guy On 24:

If you have Jack Bauer in a disadvantaged position, KILL HIM!

In particular, kill him quickly and efficiently and without any attempt to use him for your own purposes.
Derived from Peter's Evil Overlord List; specifically, numbers 4 and 93.


Posted by Chris at January 17, 2006 04:21 PM

Category: Unclear On The Concept