August 09, 2005

Life Imitates The Amazing Race

As I mentioned in the previous entry, Game Show Network is replaying all seasons of The Amazing Race. Tonight they showed the season 3 episode known to hardcore fans as Dieselgate, where four teams hosed up their 4X4s by refueling with unleaded when the vehicles were designed for diesel.

Well, that's a mistake anybody can make, even if the vehicle in question is a $125M yacht:

LONDON (AFP) - Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovitch was left fuming after the wrong sort of fuel was pumped into his luxury family yacht, forcing him to re-arrange his summer holiday, a report said.

The Russian-born tycoon was said to be "disappointed" after the fuel mix-up involving his 72-million pound (100-million euro, 125-million dollar) yacht the Pelorus, while it was docked in Malta to prepare for his family holidays last month.

Any motorist who has put diesel instead of petrol into a car will know the feeling -- although not the cost of the error -- filling up Pelorus' tank costs 120,000 pounds, and cleaning up the mess could cost at least one million pounds.

[Warning - TARfan inside joke ahead]

Good thing Ian wasn't the guy driving the yacht - he would just have drained the fuel tanks right into the ocean.

[H/T Fark]

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