July 16, 2005

And We Shall Fight Them In The Cornfields...

Somebody call Tim Bedore - another species has been identified as part of the animal conspiracy, and they've made their first move:

A seasonal worker for a Steuben County seed company was literally bowled over Thursday evening when a deer in a cornfield where he worked ran into him.

Bonito DeLeon, 53, was struck by a deer on the run just before 8 p.m. after DeLeon and several other workers for the Lord Seed Co. in Howe startled a group of the animals resting in the cornfield southeast of Indiana 327 and County Road 400 North near Orland.

The blow threw DeLeon back, sending him airborne and knocking him unconscious, said Indiana Conservation Officer James Price, who was on the scene Thursday.

. . .

DeLeon was taken by helicopter to Parkview Hospital, where he was tested for internal injuries and released about midnight, said Sherrie Larimer, human resources manager for Lord Seed Co. He stayed overnight in the hospitalís guest house, Larimer said, and she was going to pick him up Friday afternoon.

With the corn 5 1/2 feet tall, the collision, which happened at dusk, was probably just as startling for the deer as it was for the workers, Price said.

According to workers Thursday, three deer, in their haste to escape, circled the workers. One ran to the left of DeLeon, one ran to the right of him and one ran straight into him, a written statement from Indiana Conservation Officers said.
I'm sure the other two deer had targets of their own; fortunately, they must have been thwarted by anti-deer countermeasures.

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