April 05, 2005

The Amazing Halftime

We're about halfway through this season's Amazing Race, with five teams eliminated and six still remaining. Let's look at those who were left at the roadside (as well as my prognostications so far).

  • First out - Ryan & Chuck (my prediction: early exit). I don't think I've ever been this disappointed by a team being eliminated first. It's hard to get attached to a team when you only see them on one episode, but these guys were a lot of fun to watch and I'm really disappointed I won't get to see more of them.
  • Second out - Megan & Heidi (my prediction: early exit). Ddamn. Ddouble ddamn. And I didn't even get to see them dragged through the mud.
  • Third out - Debbie & Bianca (my prediction: mid-pack). Yeah, you wanted to prove that all-girl all-blonde teams could go far in the race. How'd that work out for you?
  • Fourth out - Susan & Patrick (my prediction: early exit). Patrick whined so bad, every time he opened his mouth my dog would leave the room. Damn, kid. Just grab a straight razor, put Jewel on the stereo, and get it over with.
  • Fifth out - Ray & Deana (my prediction: top four). OK, so she's afraid of everything, and he's an overbearing putz. We were only led to expect half of that from their bio, and no points for guessing which half. And I totally called it when I predicted they'd be out before Meredith & Gretchen. Of course, that was foreshadowed about as subtly as the second half of this year's Orange Bowl.

So far, I'm doing OK in my picks - three of my bottom-feeders were among the first four out, and the other was one of my mid-pack picks. Of course, I took a big hit when final-four pick Ray & Deana didn't make it to halftime, but it was worth it getting them the hell off my TV.

Posted by Chris at April 5, 2005 12:51 PM

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