February 20, 2004

Other Than That, Gary, What'd You Think Of Her?

[Full disclosure: I've hated the University of Colorado ever since this.]

Colorado Coach Gary Barnett is in pretty deep shit right now, what with a former (female) kicker alleging she was raped by a teammate and his less-than-politic comments on the matter:

Barnett later that day snapped at a reporter who asked him about her abilities. "It was obvious Katie was not very good. She was awful," he said. "Katie was not only a girl, she was terrible. OK? There's no other way to say it."
And that's not even counting the other five victims allegedly raped by CU football players or the alcohol-and-sex-filled recruiting visits. Anyway, Barnett was interviewed on CNN this morning, and it looked like he was in the prison library (with a fake-bookcase backdrop) in a button-down shirt with no tie. It sure looked like he wanted to hang himself, and I found myself wondering if CNN had taken his belt and shoelaces too, just to be safe.

Posted by Chris at February 20, 2004 04:31 PM

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