January 15, 2004

How Many Angels Can Dance On The End Of A Split Hair?

One of the reasons I'm not a practicing Catholic anymore is stupid stuff like this: it's OK to wear a condom to prevent spreading AIDS, but not to prevent pregnancy:

A senior Christian clergy tipped to be the ailing Pope's likely successor says he would accept the use of condoms to counter the spread of AIDS.

Making a marked departure from the Vatican's longstanding opposition to the use of condoms, Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels admitted that condoms had their share of virtue.

. . .

Danneels' comments go against the official doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, which condemns artificial forms of birth control including condoms.

"Protecting oneself against sickness or death is an act of prevention," Danneels said. "Morally, it cannot be judged on the same level as when a condom is used to reduce the number of births."
What, exactly, is the difference between "If it's God's will that this particular act of intercourse will result in conception, you can't do anything to prevent it" and "If it's God's will that this particular act of intercourse will result in infection, you can go ahead and try to prevent it?"

Posted by Chris at January 15, 2004 12:17 PM

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When I was confirmed at the age of 14, I was told that I was an adult in the eyes of the church. That night I went to my mom and said, "I quit!". That was the last time I set foot in a church (other than weddings & funerals). These types of stories just confirm that I made the right choice!

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