December 17, 2003

Oh, Sure, Now They Want To Help...

Just so I have this straight - the same people who didn't want any part of the Iraq war now want us to hand Saddam Hussein over to an international court? Put another way, they trust the Iraqi people enough to demand that the US hand power over to them sooner than is wise, but they don't trust them enough to properly try Saddam? Nice.

His daughter has weighed in favoring the international court:

"Raghad Saddam Hussein -- who is living with her sister in Jordan, where they were given asylum in July -- suggested her father could not get a fair trial from Iraqi officials.

Raghad said the family wants 'a fair and legal trial' -- not one held by the Governing Council, which was 'appointed by the occupier.'"
I'm sure that it's got nothing to do with the fact that the international court will not impose the death penalty.

And what small victory over Arab fascism would be complete without excuse-making? Saddam's daughter, elsewhere in the same article:

"[Raghad] insists U.S. forces drugged her father before capturing him, saying, 'I'm sure that they couldn't have captured him otherwise.'"
There's also this from the San Francisco Chronicle:
"One verse in the Islamic holy book is being heard at mosques around the world. Chapter 3, Verse 26 says of Allah, the Muslim God: 'You take away the power from whosoever You will; You exalt whom you please and debase whom You will.'

[President of the Islamic Society of San Francisco Souleiman]Ghali said that verse helped Muslims deal with the shame of Hussein's demise and explain why the once-mighty leader had been caught in a rat- infested hole.

'Saddam has been humbled and disgraced,' Ghali said, 'because he put himself above God.'"
That's funny. I could have sworn that Saddam was humbled and disgraced because 300,000 heavily armed and highly motivated Americans made it their mission to do so. I'll have to ask Allah if he did it.

Posted by Chris at December 17, 2003 12:46 PM

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Allah works in mysterious ways, parking god. Unpredictable ways. I hear him crying to me even now, "Saddam should be tried in Texas."

Posted by: chess h at December 18, 2003 08:53 AM