November 14, 2003

Stupid Editing Tricks

All week, Survivor teased us with previews strongly hinting at a conspiracy against Rupert. The whole first half of the ep was nothing but different subgroups (including Rupert's Bitches) discussing how to take him down (um, by voting against him) and when to do it (like, now!). So when the Immunity Challenge comes up and it's one of those designed to take down a frontrunner (no matter how many questions you get right, you can't stop anybody else from moving you one step closer to elimination), I thought it was all over for everybody's favorite pirate. Lo and behold, NOBODY TOUCHED HIM until the very end, by which time it was too late and he won anyway!

This season is showing every sign of being a boat race, with the lazy-ass Morgans getting rolled up over the next three episodes (Lil last), with a possible pause to make a move on Burton. CBS is editing their asses off to make the show look more interesting than how the reality played out. And the only chance I see for them to stop Rupert is a rebellion immediately after they dump Burton, because nobody's going to stop him in the traditional 'stand in one place as long as you can' final immunity challenge.

Emboldened by my relative success in calling The Amazing Race's order of finish, here's my prediction for the remaining eliminations:

  • Tijuana
  • Invisible Girl
  • Barton
  • Lil
  • Sandra
  • Christa
with Rupert beating John in the final. As annoying as John is, I see him lasting until the very end playing the Keith Famie role - of everybody still left, who would you want to be up against in the final vote?

Posted by Chris at November 14, 2003 03:50 PM

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