September 27, 2003

I Went To A Charity Dinner And A Rugby Match Broke Out

The Evening Standard has this story about a charity dinner gone horribly wrong:

"A huge brawl erupted at a dinner attended by some of rugby's greatest names to raise money for former England player Alastair Hignell, who has multiple sclerosis."
According to one witness:
"'People were exchanging punches and there was a lot of screaming. They were mainly very well built amateur rugby types.' The violence broke out when England fans taunted Welsh comedian Max Boyce as he made an after-dinner speech.

Welsh fans clashed with the England fans on a neighbouring table as those on surrounding tables tried in vain to stop it."
Hell, I don't think that crowd is any tougher than Showtime At The Apollo...

Posted by Chris at September 27, 2003 11:55 AM

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