August 28, 2003

FFB Draft Hot Wash

(It's an Army term describing an immediate after-action review, in case you're wondering). I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. Our league has 14 teams (I picked 11th) and is a fairly typical performance-based league; the biggest difference is that RBs/WRs get two points per catch, making pass-catching RBs worth even more than a typical performance league. Anyway, on to my team:

  • QB: Steve McNair - in the next-to-last round after everybody else except one guy had their QB. Howe the HELL did he fall to me?
  • RB: Travis Henry - first round. I let Ahman Green go; we'll see how well that works.
  • RB: Curtis Martin - second round. This time, I let Jamaal Lewis go by.
  • WR: Peerless Price - third round. Quite surprised he made it to me at pick 39; I think Vick's injury scared people off.
  • WR: Mushin Muhammad - fifth round. He's having a good preseason; I hope the rest of the offense keeps defenses from doubling him.
  • WR: Drew Bennett - eighth round. My sleeper pick. He better be worthwhile - I passed on Tim Brown to get him!
  • K: Martin Gramatica - fourth (!) round. I'm really tired of having kickers that suck. Our league has a curse on whoever picks the first kicker in a given year - they almost never do well. I spit in the face of the curse!
  • D: Pittsburgh - sixth round. I was the third person to take a defense; I wanted Tampa Bay or Philly.

Posted by Chris at August 28, 2003 05:22 PM

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