April 26, 2002

A Week Late And Three Votes Short

(This really should have been LAST Friday's entry. Oh, well.)

I'm a big Survivor Fan, and although there are lots of places where you can discuss it to death, there's a couple of things I'd like to throw out here.

John was a wannabe-Richard. He put together his Gang Of Four and thought he could ride them to the finals, but he forgot two things:

1. Everybody's seen Season 1, so they're on the lookout for overt alliances. Richard kept his secret until it was too late to stop him; John's alliance tipped their hand one vote too early, about which more later.
2. Right up to the end, Richard was seen as a nice guy by most of the others (despite how he was edited to look more like a chubby and occasionally-naked Snidely Whiplash). John never came off as anything but a scheming weasel, although this could also have been an editing trick.

About overplaying his hand: when the Immunity Challenge was revealed to be a knock-out-your-competitors contest like they seem to do once every season (BTW, anybody want to bet that the last IC will be "How long can you stand on one post with your hand on another?"), I thought it was rigged against Sean--the alliance would make damn sure he was the first one gone. As the challenge played out, though, and the alliance outed themselves by never targeting each other until everybody else was gone, the Clue Train finally arrived at Happy Naive-town Station and Sean was able to convice Kathy, Neleh, and Paschal that John's endgame plans didn't include them.

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