October 04, 2002

And 103 words later, the duck said...

Well, I've discovered another Illuminati plot (that makes four, for those of you scoring at home. The other three are [DELETED], [DELETED], and [DELETED WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE]). CNN, well-known as an Illuminati mouthpiece, purports to have found the world's funniest joke. A harmless little chuckle, right? Well, maybe, but what it obscures is the fact that the real "World's Funniest Joke" is lethal at close range and is thus being held in reserve for when the Illuminati make their Big Move.
However, note that this official Monty Python web page attempts to muddy the waters by claiming it's just a bunch of gibberish faux-German.

Did anybody else recognize last night's Survivor immunity challenge as a Tower Of Hanoi for N=6? This site did.

Posted by Chris at October 4, 2002 11:30 AM

Category: Media Stupidity