November 30, 2002

Flo Screeches So High That My Dog Leaves The Room

Some thoughts on Wednesday's The Amazing Race, discussed at Television Without Pity:

To everyone who thinks Flo is watching herself now and thinking, "Oh my God, I'm such a screeching bitch," I disagree. I'm convinced that she was one of the bottom-quartile experimental subjects in this study. She shows the same lack of awareness of how little she's contributing to the team. Word to whoever said that if they win, she owes Zach her share plus every dollar she earns (dog calling? repelling mosquitos? what kind of job would she be good at?) for the next five years.

On the cell calls: I had just finished pontificating to flower_goddess about how there's no way the racers would be allowed to tell their families anything specific about their situation (since all we'd heard to that point was 'Love you,' 'Miss you,' and 'Dude, Where's My Credit Card Payment?') when Ian said "We're still in the race." flower_goddess was gracious enough to only laugh a little.

Did I hear Phil correctly when he said they had to assemble a Swiss Army Bike? I was thinking "What does it do, unfold into a submarine?" Then I thought, "Switzerland doesn't need any submarines." Then I took my medication.

Zach: benefit of the doubt on the 'pantleg caught in the chain' thing. But couldn't you have A) done it when the Swiss guy was inspecting your bike, and B) only unzipped the leg on the chain side? 20-20 hindsight, I know.

When Ian said something about how cotton underwear would have been impractical, I thought "Oh, jeebus. He's either wearing silk panties or going commando."

John Vito and Jill: couldn't you have peeked under the cheese chunks to figure out which ones you had to eat, rather than playing a twisted gourmet version of 'Battleship?'

When the first group was running (downhill) to get to the detour clue, did it look like there was almost a six-racer pileup (and indeed, it also looked like they were one rail fence away from a long long fall sans bungy)? Dangit - I've got to tape the ones I watch live so I can verify this kind of stuff later.

When Teri dumped her bike for no apparent reason, I thought "I bet Ian made her ride the bike he built, and it broke."

Finally, I was disappointed when K&G ran into the Singaporean TV guy and didn't do a Austin Powers-esque "Mooooooooole."

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