May 30, 2003

Never Mind Circumnavigation - Can They Make It Out Of Dodger Stadium?

    High points of my post about TAR4's Leg 1 over at TWoP:
  • Debra & Steve - In the last bus (knowing it was the last bus) against three teams that would all smoke them in a sprint to the Pit Stop, why didn't they try the FF? Did they know the Falconettes already had it? How? That they're fat is not the problem (to say otherwise would be pot-kettle-black on my part). They appear to be nice people and all, but there was just something about them that creeped me a little bit. The eyes. It was the eyes... flower_goddess was much less charitable: "I'm glad they're gone. They were an embarrassment to fat people." Classy exit, though.

  • So far, Amanda & Chris are looking like FloZach 2.0, but I'm sticking to my original prediction that Kelly & Jon will fill that role as the race goes on, although Kelly more than Jon.

  • Memo to self - pack duct tape. Tape the SUV hatch shut so there's no need to wait for another vehicle.

  • Kelly & Jon go far BECAUSE we haven't seen much of them yet. Ditto David & Jeff.

Yeah, I took a beating on the prediction, which only goes to show that you shouldn't put any weight on the biographies. For instance, I knew that Steve & Debra weren't going to be greyhounds, but I didn't expect them to be Weebles. I'm also looking pretty silly for picking Russel & Cindy 10th and Steve & Dave 6th, although I submit that there's no way you could predict the knee injury.

Posted by Chris at May 30, 2003 07:03 PM

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