July 16, 2003

Undignified Ways To Die, #38:

Undignified Ways To Die, #38: How Not To Behave In Your Final Moments

In the latest installment in our series, we examine a good way to ensure a nice warm Final Destination with lots of personal attention at the highest levels. From spankysplace (with a hat tip to His Imperial Majesty), here's Or I'll Sue You!. It's the story of a rather unpleasant lawyer working his last case, so to speak. A taste:

The patient, between howls of pain and moans of agony, had produced a paper from his briefcase and handed it to me. His shaky diaphoretic hand held a fist-full of these documents. Some of them fell from his grasp and flitted harmlessly to the floor. He strained against an agony I hope I never experience and repeated to me, "Iíll SUE You." I didnít understand. He had come to us for help but the first words out of his mouth in triage were "You have to see me right now, or Iíll SUE you."

Now go read the rest of it. I'll wait.

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